Tapioca Starch
  1. Tapioca starch

Is a fine starch product, produced and extracted 100% from fresh cassava tubers.

Tinh Bột Sắn


Product details:


_ 25kg bags (pp bags and paper bags)

_ 50kg bags (pp bags and paper bags)

_ Jumbo bags 850kg


50kg pp bags

Jumbo bags 850kg


Quality standards:



Food Industry: Including dry products such as rice paper, tapioca flour, vermicelli, noodle soup, farming, banh chung, malt, fat flour, instant noodles, alcohol, seasoning seeds, and main noodles.

Paper Industry: Tapioca starch is used as a filler or a surface coating for some types of paper and cardboard.

Building materials industry: Producing gypsum ceiling panels, increasing cohesion for clay, limestone, and as an additive for paint.




17 / 5.000


17 / 5.000


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17 / 5.000


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